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Welcome to the Illinois Affiliation of Marriage and Family Therapists

As an association of LMFTs, ALMFTs and other mental health professionals, our goal is to educate, advocate and affiliate together in order to better serve the individuals, couples and families of Illinois. Through our conference, training and networking opportunities, we support those providing systemic therapy to Illinois families.

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As part of the Illinois MFT Licensure Act Sunset Reauthorization process in 2017, a change was made in the licensing process that allows Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (ALMFTs) to now sit for the exam after graduation (instead of after the two-year experience requirement is completed). In May, the IDFPR implemented this change, making it possible for all current ALMFTs to sit for the exam. Newly licensed ALMFT's will receive notices that they may sit for the exam prior to completing their experience requirements and the change is also retroactive for all current ALMFTs and they can contact the IDFPR (robert.gerton@illinois.gov) for an exam approval notice. In order to qualify, the request must include the applicant's ALMFT's license number. We would like to thank the IDFPR, the IAMFT Board of Directors, IAMFT Legislative Chair David Norton and our lobbyist Scott Selinger for their work on making this legislative change a reality.