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Conference Keynote

Angela Skurtu, M.Ed., LMFT


Angela Skurtu, M.Ed., LMFTAngela Skurtu is a speaker, author, and president of St. Louis Marriage Therapy, LLC at www.therapistinstlouis.com. She is a Missouri Licensed Marriage Therapist and Nationally Certified Sex Therapist through AASECT. She has written "Pre-Marital Counseling: A Guide for Clinicians" (2016) and the book “Helping Couples Overcome Infidelity: A Therapist’s Manual,” (2018).  She has contributed at local and national conferences, schools, businesses, radio, her Youtube channel, articles and blogs. She also runs a webinar channel with clinical trainings on sex therapy topics. These webinars are approved for AASECT credit towards certification. Finally, she runs a podcast at www.aboutsexpodcast.com where she covers a variety of topics related to emotional and relationship health.

Infidelity affects couples and families drastically. It is one of the most difficult issues to work through both as a therapist and as a family. In addition, the rates of infidelity have reached high levels. Around 60-80% of people cheat at some point in their lives. As a result, therapists need guidance for how to help couples work through this painful experience. In her training, Angela Skurtu helps therapists develop a process for working through every stage of infidelity including the initial crisis, the relationship rebuilding, and the sexual reconnection. Skurtu is a creative research based therapist who teaches tangible treatment skills that can be used the next day in session. Her training style is interactive, playful and raw. She incorporates stories, a unique sense of humor and real life honesty to teach therapists how to address the problems of infidelity in a comprehensive way.

One of the unique aspects of this training will include how to address both the couple and the family. Clients often have children or loved ones affected when an infidelity comes out. Many couples struggle to figure out who should know what. "Do we tell the kids what happened?" . . "Should I tell my family or keep this a secret?" These are difficult decisions to make because information about an infidelity can affect every relationship from children to friendships to in-laws. In this training, Skurtu will offer some dos and don'ts regarding what to disclose to whom. Skurtu will also offer guidance for how to minimize the damage to these outside relationships while a couple is working on things.

In addition, Skurtu will offer specific skills for helping couples build trust. Often, monogamous couples assume certain boundaries are understood in relationships. In Skurtu's training, she discusses how to help couples have honest conversations about boundaries so that going forward, they can prevent infidelity in their relationship. No relationship is perfect or completely immune to infidelity. However, one protective factor for couples is to develop very honest, transparent conversations about flirting, boundaries and sexuality. Skurtu's training will give clinicians tools to help couples communicate at a deeper level. Since Skurtu is a certified Sex Therapist, this training will incorporate a lot of sex education, sexual health training, and LGBTQIA+ and Consensual Non-Monogamy perspectives.

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