Logo for IAMFT showing the outline of the state of Illinois and saying Illinois Affiliation of Marriage and Family Therapists

Photo showing attendees viewing posters at the annual IAMFT conference

Thank you to all who attended the 2018 MFT Conference!

We welcomed Dr. Eliana Gil, who spoke about working with trauma in a family setting. We also enjoyed member presentations on topics as diverse as forgiveness, play therapy, infidelity, maintaining your client base and working systemiclally with special needs children.

But this year's conference was more than just the workshops. It was a time to connect. It was a time to learn from our next generation of MFTs at the Poster Presentations. And it was time to honor our past by recognizing four MFTs who have made a signigicant contribution to the field in Maurlea Babb, Phyllis Booth, Bill Hiebert and Bill Pinsof

Our organization remains dedicated to providing high quality education and connection opportunities. Join us next year for the 2019 MFT Conference on April 4-6 at NIU Naperville Campus.


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