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Welcome to the Illinois Affiliation of Marriage and Family Therapists

As an association of LMFTs, ALMFTs and other mental health professionals, our goal is to educate, advocate and affiliate together in order to better serve the individuals, couples and families of Illinois. Through our conference, training and networking opportunities, we support those providing systemic therapy to Illinois families.

2024 Spring Conference

March 15-16 - NIU Naperville - More info here...

Call for proposals is open until December 11, 2023. Submit your proposal here.

2023 IAMFT Futures is Online

IAMFT has a commitment to its future generation of MFT and continues that mission by offering the 2023 IAMFT Futures program.

These online workshops cover a variety of topics important to our MFT students and recent graduates who are looking at entering the field of marriage and family therapy. They cover important topics like navigating the road to licensure, understanding different employment settings for MFTs, building visibility and maintaining self-care as a professional among many others. Registering for the IAMFT Futures will give you access to seven different videos created by MFTs from around the country. The information will help you begin to prepare for your MFT career!

Current members of IAMFT can watch the videos for $30. Those who aren't current members can watch the videos for $50 and will automatically receive a one-year IAMFT membership! Everyone who registers for the 2023 IAMFT Futures will also be able to attend our Networking Roundtable event held later this year for free.

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CEU Change for LMFTs

In 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic Emergency Order, the IDFPR lifted the 50% in-person requirement for CEUs for LMFTs. The removal of the in-person requirement shall remain permanent. The verbiage of the original change has been maintained and reads as follows:

CE hours may be earned through completion of a distance learning course (e.g., pre- recorded online course/program, live online course/program, by mail, computer, etc.) that is offered by an approved sponsor who meets the requirements set forth in subsection (c). Each course shall include an examination.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirement for Licensure Renewal

Renewal Requirements

In 2021, IDFPR began a new requirement for licensure renewal.  Everyone renewing their license is required by IDFPR to get ONE CE in Sexual Harassment Prevention training.  This means that every LMFT needs to complete a one hour training in Sexual Harassment Prevention every two years.

In order to help you meet this requirement, IAMFT has created a video, led by IAMFT Board member Karen Washington, that will meet this requirement.  This workshop is required at each renewal of your license and will be required in February 2023 when all LMFTs renew. During January, IAMFT is making this video available to IAMFT members at 50% off.  In order to register for the required training, you can go to https://illinois-affiliation-of-marriage-and.square.site/product/sexual-harassment-prevention-training/24

In addition, DCFS requires a training on Mandatory Reporting every three years.  This training is not connected to your license renewal.  Many of you completed this training in 2021, meaning you would not have to do so in 2023.  However, if you did not complete this training yet, IAMFT has created a ONE CE training on Mandatory Reporting led by IAMFT Board member Stephanie Davingman. To register for this training, you can go to https://illinois-affiliation-of-marriage-and.square.site/product/mandatory-reporter-training/26